QLabs Communication Container


The communications container is constructed with using the class member variables.

QLabs Communication Container

class qvl.qlabs.CommModularContainer[source]

The CommModularContainer is a collection of data used to communicate with actors. Multiple containers can be packaged into a single packet.

Member Variables

CommModularContainer.containerSize = 0

4 bytes) + actor number (uint32: 4 bytes) + actor function (1 byte) + payload (varies per function)


The size of the packet in bytes. Container size (uint32


4 bytes) + class ID (uint32

CommModularContainer.classID = 0

See the class ID variables in the respective library classes.

CommModularContainer.actorNumber = 0

An identifier that should be unique for each actor of a given class.

CommModularContainer.actorFunction = 0

See the FCN constants in the respective library classes.

CommModularContainer.payload = bytearray(b'')

A variable sized payload depending on the actor function in use.


This class has no methods.