Quanser Interactive Labs API Documentation

Welcome to the Quanser Interactive Labs documentation!

This site contains documentation for the virtual environments inside of Quanser Interactive Labs. It will walk you through installation and setup as well as documentation for how to customize your environment.


Looking for Hardware Documentation? If you are looking for courseware or other hardware documentation for using the physical studio (hardware) please check out the website.

Design Philosophy

The Quanser Interactive Labs API documentation has been currently designed for python script tests. Although there are some basic interface options, the current virtual Quanser Interactive Labs (QLabs) is not designed to be used through the interface alone. We therefore highly recommend that you follow along in our Get Started page to get set up to run python scripts. The python script examples used throughout this documentation of Quanser Interactive Labs will help you get used to our libraries and the capabilities of our workspaces.


We are always striving to improve our documentation. You can help by submitting pull requests for fixes or issues for suggestions on our GitHub repository. See our Code Style page for more information about how to contribute and our coding practices.